Online Doctor Service

We offer Online Doctor Service. Simply fill out a short online medical consultation form, our clinicians will assess your information and will decide your eligibility for treatment. If you are eligible for treatment, your request will be automatically processed and ready to collect from our pharmacy or have it delivered to you.

How does the Service work?

You can order a prescription using the online doctor service. Prices include treatment cost & private prescription charge. Secure & discreet consultation with UK GMC registered doctors. Next day delivery available (recorded special delivery). Secure online payment (payment is taken after doctor confirmation).

When you complete the online consultation, it is important that you provide us with detailed and honest answers; just as you would in a normal doctor appointment. We can only make sure that the treatment is safe for you if you give us accurate answers about your health and current medications that you may be taking.

Some of these treatments may not be available on the NHS, others you may be a little embarrassed about seeking treatments, or you may just not have time to get to your GP. Whichever it is, you can fill out a doctor assessment online and select the treatment that suits you. From treatments for erectile dysfunction to hair or weight loss. This service is complimentary to your own GP’s services and not a replacement.

Consultation & Treatment Pricing

If you haven’t used this Service before and would like to find out more information about the cost of a treatment, please view our Online Doctor Portal which allows you to view the cost of a consultation and prescription treatment.

For General information about health problems and medicines you may visit NHS.UK